Choosing Your Tools

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Course Overview

Feel the 21st century started to pass you by? You’ve been a pioneer through your life: phones; computers; social media. Keep that pioneering spirit and stand out in your later life and career.

It’s easy to become cynical about new technology. Older people never really had to bother. Younger people were born into it. If you’re in your later career you’ve already seen your whole world utterly transformed during your working life and you’ve had to adapt to stay in the game. You’ve adopted and learnt so much new stuff but it can feel overwhelming to keep playing catch-up. What’s more, your knowledge seems out-of-date and irrelevant. It’s exhausting.

Yet now is the time to build on your pioneering experience. With the Choosing Your Tools course you can stop playing catch-up and start staying ahead. How?

These days the digital world is probably more stable than ever and what you can do is more understood than ever. A few big brand names dominate each sector. The tools they offer now are mostly reliable and work together. 

  • You CAN master what they do.
  • You CAN master how they fit together.
  • You CAN understand how to make these tools work for you.
  • You CAN understand how you can make these tools work for others around you.
  • You CAN enhance your authority and credibility in your life and career.

The Choosing Your Tools course invites you to look at 5 major areas and assess how they relate to you now and in the future: social media, digital media; email; ecommerce; and phones. So rekindle your pioneering spirit and stand out in your later life and career.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Understand how you use social media now and how to make it work for you in the future
  • How getting your digital presence right could be your biggest single decision for your future
  • How to look professional through email
  • Why knowing ecommerce will make you a key person people want to know
  • How using phones better can give you a competitive edge.