Power Up Your Later Career

Learn how the Talk Yourself Up Power Method can extend the career potential of hard-working men in their 50s.

Discover how hardworking men in their 50s can fix their fear of being made redundant in favour of someone younger WITHOUT becoming a ‘Yes man’ or simply working longer hours to get noticed… using the Talk Yourself Up Power Method.​

Introducing Your Course Mentor:
Mark Goldfinch MA

“It’s my passion to create courses for hardworking people who are ready to regain control of their lives and extend their career potential.

After working with dozens of people just like you, I know that you may be feeling overlooked and frustrated when it comes to having your experience and knowledge truly recognised in the workplace.

Together, on this one-of-a-kind training course, I will show you exactly how you can excel in your later career and how this is almost impossible to achieve by simply working harder for longer hours.

I can’t wait to show you how this system can help you truly benefit from the decades of valuable experience you already have by extending your career potential in later life.”

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  PROVEN strategies for extending the career and earning potential of men in their 50s and beyond.

  Why common advice from friends and family usually does NOT work to improve your later career.

  Why leaving your job to start a business is usually NOT the answer to a happier and richer life.

  How to STOP worrying about being made redundant, overlooked for promotion, or overtaken by those with less experience at work.

  How to EXCEL in your later career even if you’re currently losing steam or feel overwhelmed by recent changes in the modern world.

  How you can build a powerful reputation as an EXPERT in your chosen profession.

  And that’s only just the beginning….

You’re about to see the SECRETS that are putting my clients back in control of their lives and extending their career potential.
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