Terms & Conditions

Review our terms and conditions of service.

Terms and Conditions

We like to keep things simple, which is why we have outlined clear terms to ensure that you always know where you stand. 

Adhering to these terms also ensures your working relationship is always clear and comfortable allowing you and your 3DEAL LTD Coach to focus completely on you and achieving your objectives. All new clients agree to these terms when embarking on coaching with any 3DEAL LTD Coach.

The 3DEAL LTD Coaching Programme

Clients undertake our standard coaching programme called the Talk Yourself Up Power Method. This consists of 50 elements grouped around 10 themes and delivered weekly for 10 weeks. We send the materials and assignments at the beginning of the week and the one-to-one session at the end of that week is a full discussion between the coach and the client about that week’s themes as they relate to the client’s personal situation. As of 30th September 2020 the ten sessions are:

  • Your Journey So Far
  • The Big Picture for Your Future
  • Choosing Your Style
  • Choosing Your Tools
  • Planning Your Network
  • Planning Your Time
  • Writing For Success
  • Using Audio and Video
  • Successful Public Speaking
  • Assignment and Feedback


For individuals – we take online payments for all major credit cards via the payment processor Stripe (a 1.9% Admin fee applies) 

For companies – we take payment by bank transfer and ask for payment upfront, unless it’s for long term team projects or is agreed upon.

To hold your first session, we require payment 5 working days in advance. Until payment has been received, we can’t start your coaching journey.

Instalment Plans

We operate instalment plans through our secure payment system known as Stripe. 

Minimum payment is £1200 per month for the full 10 course programme.

It works as a monthly direct debit from your bank account and over the duration of your coaching programme, usually over 3 months.

Stripe handles the payments. We neither hold nor see your account details.

If you wish to work with us intensively, over say a shorter period, we can spread the cost over the same duration.

An admin fee of 1.9% after your first initial payment, per instalment does apply to all instalment plans.

Instalment Plan payments and frequency do not necessarily reflect the number of sessions or frequency of your sessions. The instalment option is designed to spread the cost over a period of time to make it accessible and manageable for some of our clients.

Any changes in the frequency of your coaching, will not affect the instalment amount and frequency agreed at the outset of your coaching programme. In exceptional situations, we can discuss reworking the plan if required.


Any special discounts will be valid for a limited time only, which will be outlined clearly to you. 

Discounts cannot be applied in relation to any other offers.

Instalment plans are not eligible for discounts.

Session Cancellation / Postponement

You may cancel or change your coaching session up to 48 hours prior to that session’s start time. 

Cancelling or postponing within 48 hours of your next session will result in you losing the cost and benefits of that session.

IMPORTANT – Please always give 48 hours notice if changing your session times to avoid losing the value of your session. We love being flexible and working around your schedule, however, if inadequate time is given (less than 48 hours notice), we are left with an empty slot that could have been filled, with a loss to our business and real inconvenience to our Career Coaches and Executive Coaches. This can easily be prevented.

3DEAL LTD’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your coaching experience after your first 30 days (ie 4 sessions), you can speak with one of our team and if you need to be re-matched with a suitable coach we can arrange that. 

If you feel coaching isn’t for you, we can then stop your instalment plan or refund you for the remainder of your programme. A cancellation fee of £250 is applied for this.

If you are on an instalment plan, the 30 days trial will be calculated based on how many sessions you’ve had and deducted from your first instalment, if there is more due, we will require the balance to be paid before we can cancel the next instalment. Please check with our team about this before you sign up to avoid confusion.

You will be charged the sessions you’ve used in the first 30 days or any you’ve cancelled within 48 hours of the agreed time of your next appointment and we will refund you the remainder.

Additional Sessions

Additional sessions and packages are available by arrangement following the end of the Talk Yourself Programme. We upgrade in rounds of 3 sessions. 

Evening Sessions

You can see your coach in the evening after work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

As most of our clients work 9-5 and want the same meeting times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, to avoid disappointment, we suggest you book at least 2 -3 weeks in advance for evening slots. 

Until payment is received by new clients, these slots are not confirmed and can be lost to other clients.


Our clients come to us for programmes of a minimum of 10 sessions and often much more. 

The results you achieve, depend very much on you and your engagement, openness, effort and time investment in the process. Each client we work with is very different and so are the results achieved, so it would be irresponsible to offer you guarantees.

The analogy we like to use is that of piano lessons – if you pay for a course of 6 piano lessons and you practise in between, engage with the process and give it your all, you are responsible for the result at the end. A great teacher or coach is only as good as the effort and commitment the student or client invests in the process.

For context, while we don’t offer guarantees, we do consistently help our clients achieve tangible results.


It is your responsibility to confirm the agreed session, to be communicative with your coach if you need help between sessions and to be on time for each session. 

Please notify your coach if you will be late.

Note. The amount of time you are late will simply be deducted from the time you have. It cannot be made up.

Repeated lateness cannot be tolerated. To get the most from your coaching experience, we advise you to be ready 15 minutes before every session to prepare and ground yourself to get the most from that session.

Frequency + Expiry

For best results, we recommend you see your coach weekly according to the Talk Yourself Up programme schedule.

Keeping momentum is key to the success of your coaching, which is why frequent sessions are important to the results you achieve. For best results bi-monthly sessions or weekly sessions initially are recommended across the coaching industry. 

We require you to use a minimum of 3 sessions per month. Please be aware that if you are not seeing your coach regularly, you cannot achieve the results we are renowned for.

Remaining coaching sessions expire if unused after 6 months. This is entirely avoidable by promptly using your coaching sessions within the agreed time. 

Your 3DEAL LTD Coaching programme sessions will expire if not used in the timeframe below – this serves you ultimately to ensure you maximise our approach which requires a steady pace and retains valuable momentum which takes time to build up, if lost.

For the 10-session Talk Yourself Up Power Method programme sessions expire automatically after 14 weeks. They cannot be made up after that. 

Privacy + 100% Client Confidentiality

All information you share with 3DEAL LTD, from the very first enquiry to your post-coaching feedback form is treated as private and confidential. 

Whether you’re dealing with our sales and support team or our coaches, we value your privacy above all and have built our reputation on consistently dealing with highly sensitive information and ensuring our clients privacy is consistently protected. 

Our coaching team keep an internal tracker of each session and each clients progress which is shared with the senior coaching team for continual supervision, feedback and quality control. 

All discovery calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.

The 3DEAL LTD Advantage

When you work with a 3DEAL LTD Coach you get so much more than just working with one coach, you get the collective expertise of the leading career, change and behaviour experts from our team. At each of our coach’s disposal, are years of coaching experience which ensure your coaching programme is as valuable, smooth, relevant and successful as possible. When our coaches need additional expertise or inside industry knowledge or the most cutting edge tools in different disciplines, we have it covered.

Come prepared for your sessions

Most sessions will be conducted via video conferencing software like Teams or Zoom. Bring a notebook, pen, or use your phone recorder to record if that suits you better. 

Having your homework or actions completed and ready to discuss is important to keep progressing, this is your work as an accountable client. It is not the Coach’s responsibility to send you session notes, it is important you take note of what you need to action through the sessions, take notes of what you need to remember and track your coaching journey to fully maximise the value. All 3DEAL LTD Coaches send exercises and tools by email throughout the journey in addition to this.

We expect you to hold yourself accountable, be active in the process and complete all agreed actions with your Coach between sessions to get full value from the programme. If these are not completed, you can not expect to achieve the results our clients achieve.

Ultimately, the success of your career coaching journey is based on your commitment, input and effort.

Privacy Policy

Your data is kept confidential at all times and is of the utmost importance to 3DEAL LTD. Our business is based on protecting client confidentiality and managing sensitive personal information. Whether from an initial enquiry email, any phone calls, through to any contact you have with the 3DEAL LTD team, our coaches and support team, your privacy is our top priority.

No personal information that is provided to us will be shared with any third party and with minimal team members internally. We send occasional marketing emails to update you of relevant services you have shown interest in. You reserve the right to unsubscribe at any time in any email sent. All information provided will only be used to contact you on occasion and possibly send you discounts/offers and useful articles related to your query with us.

As you browse 3deal.co.uk and other websites, online ad networks we work with may place anonymous cookies on your computer, and use similar technologies, in order to understand your interests based on your (anonymous) online activities, and thus to tailor more relevant ads to you. If you do not wish to receive such tailored advertising, you can visit this page to opt out of most companies that engage in such advertising. (This will not prevent you from seeing ads; the ads simply will not be delivered through these targeting methods.)

3rd Party + Internal Data Privacy Policy

We record all communications with 3DEAL LTD Coaching through our CRM system Client Funnels. We record minimal data on client sessions which is only shared and reviewed with Mark Goldfinch, 3DEAL LTD’s Founder, through a password protected internal coaching tracker. We use Gmail, Mailchimp and use Stripe and Client Funnels as our secure payment system. Our client privacy policy, is to only share detailed session information on a minimal, need-to-know basis, on the occasion there is a divergence away from the usual coaching standards or process, to ensure the highest standards are being met and the client’s well-being and experience is being prioritised.

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